Download Youtube Thumbnail

Download youtube and vimeo thumbnail images of all quality for free. This application let you download thumbnails of all quality. Just paste the URL of the thumbnail video in the below input and click Download Thumbnail Image.

How to Download HD Youtube Thumbnail

  1. Copy the Youtube Video Link / URL from Youtube App or Website
  2. Paste the Youtube video Link / URL in the Input Field Above.
  3. Click on the "Download Youtube Thumbnail" Button.
  4. You will get a list of all The Available Youtube Video Thumbnail Qualities, Which you can Choose From High Quality(HQ), High Definition (HD), 4K, 720p, 1080p Thumbnail, Low Quality and Medium Quality Youtube Thumbnails are also available.
  5. Click on the Download Button, and Your Youtube Video Thumbnail will be Downloaded in your Device's Storage.

How many thumbnails does a YouTube video have?

A YouTube video can have up to nine thumbnails, but not every video has nine thumbnails. Leaving the first two, other seven are guaranteed to exist.

But the most commonly used sizes are High-Quality Thumbnail, Medium Quality Thumbnail, and full size Thumbnail. Therefore, the Youtube thumbnail downloader finds every possible thumbnail present.

Where can I download YouTube Thumbnail Downloader app?

Most of the YouTube Thumbnail Downloader apps are filled with ads and do not provide good user experience to their users.That's why we recommend you to bookmark our tool Youtube Thumbnail Downloader and use it whenever you want in just 1 simple click either in your mobile or on your PC. The best thing about this tool is that you can download thumbnail on PC and mobile both in just few simple clicks.